Owned by the Fanti Family for generations, with the arrival of Flavio Fanti La Palazzetta has focused its attention on the vineyard. Thus, the vineyard has become a philosophy of life as well as a proper job: daily commitment, tradition and future goal. La Palazzetta vineyards are located in Montalcino and give life to fine wines such as Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino. Therefore, being a winemaker here means combining poetry and realism, effort, responsibility, will. Nowadays La Palazzetta Estate is run by Favio, his life Carla, and their daughter and son, Tea and Luca.

La Palazzetta is located in Castelnuovo dell'Abate, south-east of Montalcino and stretches out on over 20 hectares of vineyards and 3 000 olive trees, all organically farmed nearby the historical Sant’Antimo Abbey. It was Charlemagne who wanted to build the Abbey after his troop, struck by the plague on the return way to France, managed to recover thanks to the healing herbs that grow in the Starcia Valley, where now as back in those times, there isa vineyard, owned nowadays by La Palazzetta and called La Starcia. According to the legend, the first rows were destined for feeding pilgrims. From this same vineyard the estate will soon produce its first cru wine.

Why sustainable farming?

Our main duty is to pass on to follow generation the great richness we have received, preserving the natural environment as much as possible. This is why, in addition to keeping a small wood and its wild life that helps giving our wines a peculiar identity, we have decided to farm organically. Copper and sulfur, along with resistance inducers made of seaweed, help the plant better absorbing substances and better contrasting diseases. The high percentage of limestone we have in our soils contributes in creating acidity and, therefore, ageing potentiality, and combines with the wind constantly blowing on the vineyard which helps developing aromatic richness of grapes. Attention to each single vines or olive tree is a matter of family tradition and culture, something we have deep inside us.

Other acres are covered by ancient olives trees, so the Extra Virgin Olive Oil making is another important aspect of this family-run producer whose peculiarity is to be focused on the respect of the land, and its goods applying the principles of biodynamic production.

The principles and practices of biodynamics are based on his spiritual/practical philosophy, called anthroposophy, which includes understanding the ecological, the energetic, and the spiritual in nature. From 2015 La Palazzetta require the organic certification.

As a practical method of farming, biodynamics embodies the ideal of ever-increasing ecological self-sufficiency just as with modern agro-ecology, but includes ethical-spiritual considerations. This type of viticulture views the farm as a cohesive, interconnected living system.

 Thank's to this respect of enviroment La Palazzetta have the award of ECOFRENDLY 2016 by Vini Buoni d'Italia