This astonishing wine is made from grapes harvested, and carefully selected from vines 25-35 years old planted on stony soils.

There the Sangiovese grapes reach their full phenolic ripeness, and bunches cannot be attacked by spores or pests as vines are trained in a way in order to preserve more ventilation as possible among the bunches.

The wine is aged in small oak casks for 3,5 years, and 4 months in bottle as the DOGC highest appellation for a Brunello of Montalcino is required by the Italian Law.

This Brunello shows an intense garnet tinge, complex aromas of dark berries which twist towards a deeper spicy, and earthy notes.

Full-bodied, soft but intense tannins (typical of the Sangiovese grape), good acidity. Long, lingering, and elegant aftertaste


The same winewine making method is used to made this wine which is produced only during the best vintages.The best grapes are harvested, and selected from 35 years old vines. RISERVA requires an ageing period of 4 years in oak, and 6 month in bottle before releasing. A super expression of Brunello.

Solo nelle annate migliori, viene prodotta anche la Riserva di Brunello, con lo stesso metodo di produzione del Brunello. Le uve vengono selezionate dai vigneti che hanno un età di circa 35 anni e il periodo di invecchiamento dura 4 anni in legno e 6 mesi in bottiglia prima dell'immissione nel mercato; una super espressione del Brunello.


This Rosso di Montalcino is the expression of a traditional wine of that area. Made from grapes picked from 10-15 years vines, the wine ages one year in 5 hectoliters French tonneaux made by selected oak from Never, and Allier district. Also, it rests a little while into Slavonian oak tonneaux. Bright ruby, the nose shows a sort of Brunello aromas without the same intensity as red berries, and sweet spices are the main notes. Good-bodied with soft tannins, and a lovely acidity this wine could be perfectly matched with roasted meats, and mature cheeses.


Blend of Sangiovese and Colorino grapes harvested from the younger vines, this wine shows an intense ruby tinge, soft fruity notes, and a long balance finish.

Aged only one year in tonneaux 5 hl.

However it is so pleasant, and easy to approach. prefer it as everyday easy drinking which could be easily paired with many foods, and also fish.

IGT ROSATO : Thank's to wine experience of Luca, and it's "creasy" and modern ideas,  in the 2016 La Palazzetta create a new kind of wine, Il Rosè, made from red grapes of Sangiovese that follow the white vinification.